Monday, April 30, 2007

two things that couldn't be more opposite! first off sunday i took off to see the dalai lama (my second time) what a way to start the day. he will be receiving the congressional medal of honour this october. anyway, the first time i saw him a year ago he spoke on meditation. this time he spoke on the power of positive thinking and it was a wonderful talk. he has the deepest voice and chuckles frequently. i really had to pay attention to understand all his words as he does have an accent. but he has a sense of humor and such wise words. when he fist came up on the platform a actual heckler/protestor started ranting at him. apparently, there are some people who feel he should "go home" how to you protest a man who encourages the human race to be kinder and show more compassion towards each other? a man who does not ask for money, does not ask you to change your religion, he encourages us to be positive over negative. so, ya shame on the heckler.


ok so here is the second (opposite)

omgawd!!!!! did you all see "MY" pivs?? (jeremy pivens for those who don't know i go nuts for the guy, cutejewess is quite aware of my crush) entourage continues to be my absolute favorite show! great cast and a good story. i enjoy that show every time its on!! so, yes i started my sunday in a thoughtful, reflective, spiritual way and ended with hollywood stuff..... but hey, i'm just well rounded..... right? *sigh* smile. pivs.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alec Baldwin Apologizes on The View. The only person he needs to apologize to is his daughter. Why is he apologizing to the public? He claims he is behaving this way because of the stress of the circumstances. Why did his wife leave him in the first place? Anger Management!
Rosie's big mouth (from
• In November, O'Donnell chides Kelly Ripa for making a remark about Clay Aiken that O'Donnell deemed "homophobic." Ripa calls in to defend her comment, telling O'Donnell: "You know better. You should be more responsible."
• The next month, O'Donnell's infamous and long-running feud with Donald Trump begins when she calls him a "snake-oil salesman" following his announcement that he would not fire troubled Miss USA Tara Conner. He calls her (among other things) "a loser."
• A joke about Danny DeVito that mocks the Chinese language outrages members of the Asian-American community in December. O'Donnell eventually apologizes on the air.
• In January, the New York Post reports that O'Donnell and Walters clashed backstage over O'Donnell's feud with Trump. A View rep tells PEOPLE the incident was "only a squabble."
• During a heated discussion with Hasselbeck in March about the government's access to citizens' telephone conversations, O'Donnell says, "Elisabeth, you are very young, and you are very wrong." She later apologizes on her Web site.
• In April, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay calls for her to be suspended from The View, writing on his Web site: "If the left takes Imus, we'll take Rosie." On her site, O'Donnell calls him a "criminal."
• On Monday, O'Donnell draws fire for her off-color remarks as emcee of the Matrix Awards luncheon for women in media. In the audience, Walters is seen burying her face in her hands.

I vote for Apollo!!

Rosie Leaving The View. Like we didn't see that coming.

Kirsten Dunst: 'I'll Never Date Another Actor' never say never kristen!!!

heather mills goes home. not a fan of heather mills.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

congratulations to teahouse blossom !!

first jessica now mischa, these pants might be the latest style but i'm not wearing diaper pants.

Monday, April 23, 2007

i'll tell you this much for free, i am not getting a pair of pants like these, even if they are in style.
even someone as trendy and beautiful as jessica looks ridiculous.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Aussiejourno's Weekly Blog Awards

3. i like!
7. i like!

book club

hey cutej, amore, loverville, kate, eb, modigli & heather. anyone want to do a "blog" book club? i've never actually done a book club, but hey it can't be that hard.... right? we could check in every week or 2 and comment on the reading.
i nominate "straight up and dirty" stephanie klein.

let me know whatch' think

anny? teahouse? meish? lola? girl dates london?

and actually anyone interested can join. can we get a book club rolling?

loverville & kate & acaligurl (so far)
besides being a slow reader, i don't even have the book, so lets start june 1st? it will be a summer read!

since some of my regular "reads" have checked out i was forced to find new!! boo hoo
ah! but i found !!! hooray, acaligurl found a fun blog. entertaining stories, everyone knows acaligurl loves celeb's and this site has celeb photo's taken by stephanie!! i enjoy a good story and i think this is gonna be good !

Thursday, April 19, 2007

jude broke up with sienna, only to date a girl that looks just like her?

hmm still bummed some of my regular reads are "gone" boo hoo
but i did find a couple blog's that will entertain my curiosity. and

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

don't go

what is happening in blog world????? mo di gli is gone!!! lola lundune is done!!!!! debbie does life.... and now cutej may be calling it quits???? not to mention dummy has curtailed his posting!
this is depressing. blahhhhhhhhhhhh i'm going in my room and i'm not comin' out. so there.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

notes from sweet

it was bound to happen! sweet is turning sassy! this is on sweets bedroom door.
i know i post alot on celebrities and fluff stuff. its not because i am not concerned with the world or current events. its just that there is so much going on in the world, that this is just a side track for me. there is war and poverty and malicious crimes going on. i know alot of bloggers have a commitment/passion to really being involved and writing about it.i admire that. for me, i do what small steps i can in my daily life. like helping the homeless right in front of my eyes in front of *bucks or simply being kind with a smile to a stranger or just NOT reacting to people driving like idiots! screaming, giving someone the bird etc... do nothing more than antagonize. (the husband would not agree with me) sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes i have to work at it but i do make a conscious effort. kindess and compassion go a long way. so with all the negative news i like to take a side track and see the clothes, the faces, the latest.
the end.

love carrie underwood! love her outfit!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

these two blondes have a thing for the bad boys.

i love tommy lee and pamela. i just do. she is so sexy!

katie is withering away, and what's with tom's "do"
This probably does not surprise anyone, the baby looks just like him besides. Hopefully he will love and take good care of Dannielynn.


DNA test results revealed on Tuesday that Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn. But what's next for the 7-month-old? Birkhead has yet to gain custody of the little girl – a hurdle complicated by a claim made by Smith's mother, Virgie Arthur, PEOPLE reports in its new issue. But Birkhead's former rival in the paternity case, Smith's companion Howard K. Stern, has indicated that he's on Birkhead's side, even giving him a hug outside the Bahamas courthouse after the results were announced.

Monday, April 09, 2007

the boys are back in town

ah yes the nite i have been waiting for. the husband and i left our easter dinner with 10 minutes to spare! we watched sopranos and entourage.
entourage has got to be one of the best shows on!! good story lines, great cast and i love the l.a. hollywood vibe.!!
sopranos keep me on my feet, i always have my hand ready to cover my face! ( i don't like the human torture!) of course watching tony soprano eat is hilarious! not as pleasing to the eye as entourage but a good show!!

about 6 weeks ago wacky (owner of the salon)looked at me and blurted out, "your hair needs shaping. and i don't like the color" WHOA! the color is mine! women stop me on the street to ask what color i use! i proudly say "its mine, i don't color" she randomly blurts this kind of stuff out all the time. i always laugh because she is such a beauty, and i don't mean that in the beautiful way i mean in the wacky i drank too much coffee way. anyway, we decide she will "shape and trim" my hair. she does and it looks pretty good. fast forward 6 weeks (last week) and she blurts out "your hair looks like sh*t, we gotta cut it" yes, she said this in the salon, in front of clients. just for background information i should tell you she is a color specialist, lived and had a salon in new york, and has been in beverly hills and has been the instructor for professional l'oreal and schwartzcoff color, i have never in my life colored my hair but apparently these are the best companies, she always claims that because she is from new york she is no nonsense and we "cali" people are too sensitive and take things too personal) (last time i checked being from new york doesn't give you an excuse to be rude and embarrassing at the expense of your employee)ok, so back to my hair. (or lack of) i sit in her chair and take my glasses off and the next thing you know, my bangs that were TO MY CHIN are above my eyebrow! and the layers are wacked so i can't put my hair up. two things about me, i never have my bangs at eyebrow length and i wear my hair up most of the time. i can't believe she did this. of course she is bragging about how wonderful it is. (did i also mention she has a 2-3 week waiting list and charges $$$$ and i don't get charged, i trade in skin care)
at first i thought i looked like a black poodle, but i figured out a trick or two with the curling iron so its not so bad, and in about another couple weeks it will probably be really cute. the husband is calling me fifi. lol.
went to easter dinner last nite and i hadn't told my friends about the cut, i wanted to see the looks on their faces. one laughed, and one gasped! it was pretty funny.
the end.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Thursday, April 05, 2007

jen and violet are so cute.
um, not really sure what to say...

Wednesday's Idol: Gina Goes Home