Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i know i post alot on celebrities and fluff stuff. its not because i am not concerned with the world or current events. its just that there is so much going on in the world, that this is just a side track for me. there is war and poverty and malicious crimes going on. i know alot of bloggers have a commitment/passion to really being involved and writing about it.i admire that. for me, i do what small steps i can in my daily life. like helping the homeless right in front of my eyes in front of *bucks or simply being kind with a smile to a stranger or just NOT reacting to people driving like idiots! screaming, giving someone the bird etc... do nothing more than antagonize. (the husband would not agree with me) sometimes it comes naturally and sometimes i have to work at it but i do make a conscious effort. kindess and compassion go a long way. so with all the negative news i like to take a side track and see the clothes, the faces, the latest.
the end.

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e.b. said...

well put, it is a necessary distraction.