Friday, September 22, 2006

My Entourage Story

I got my sweats on and my favorite beat up "beater"on . Brewed my best coffee, cut a GINORMOUS piece of chocolate pie and plopped down in my chair to watch the last episode of Entourage. The cliff hanger, the season finale, the episode that will make you come back next season. I tivoed it. (as by now you know i am in school all day) anyway, the show starts and the guys look great. Their lips are moving and I can't hear them, so I turn up the volume. louder, Louder, LOUDER..... however absoluely no sound is coming out. R U FRIGGIN'' JOKING ME RIGHT NOW? Apparently the show is tivoed but there is no sound. OMG I stare at the tv and INHALE my pie. I suppose I will just have to wait for it to replay before the season starts up again........

While Ari & the boys are on a break....

Studio 60 is off to a fantastic start. I never thought I could see Matthew Perry as anything but a "friend" but he is perfectly cast. Amanda Peet's character is smart, attractive and clever. Nice to see a woman portrayed that way! Timothy Busey (come on 30' Something fans) DL Hughley, and for the life of me cannot remember the guy from West Wing (married in real life to Malcom in the Middle's Jane Kazmark) Anyway, I already know from the pilot I'm gonna dig this show. It is one you gotta check out.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm not a beauty school drop out!

Well, I started esthetician school at the end of June. I currently have about 347 hours. I need 600 hours to graduate so I am over half way there.
I attend apprx 40 hrs a week. Tues thru Sat. I LOVE IT! All day we learn about skincare, chemical peels, waxing and all the latest products and techniques in the never ending quest for young looking skin and wrinkle free skin. Women (& Men) actually pay for these services.!!! In return I get to do something I truly love. Personally, I have already had 3 chemical peels and the results are fantastic. We practiced so many facials on each other we actually got tired of receiving them! There are six of us in the class and we all agree this has been a new friend, bonding, learning experience. We even choose to get together for dinner and study groups on our days off. Go figure at age 43 I would adore going back to school and making new friends and making people look & feel better! So, drink your water, eat blueberries, strawberries, cantalope and cut out sugar, coffee and flour!! Oh, and get your facials regularly ;)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

got milk??

I don't think I need to write anything, I believe this picture says it all. (%$)*&!!!) GAWD he is HOT!!!!!!!!

Officially Autumn

Ok, not sure what the official calender date for autumn is.... But I was going thru the *Bucks drive thru and saw this sign. If this doesn't say Fall, I don't know what does!!! hmmmm as soon as I see the peppermint mocha then I'll know its the Christmas season. I can actually tell what time of year it is by *Bucks. And you thought you can only get coffee and pastries there!!