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in my hollywood, sex in the city mind i just like to picure carrie bradshaw & big in real life. so when i read mr big is having a baby, i was surprised it was not with a blonde! in fact tara looks aziany...ah an azn sista!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

if britney wore this i wouldn't blink an eye. debra messing? what is she thinking.

we all know i am a spice girl fan, but i love julianne and helio.

oh my gosh, do you watch the bachelor? i tivo and fast forward! but he is sending them both home!when has that ever happened??

Monday, November 19, 2007

gwen what do you have to say

oh my gosh, if you love gwen stefani....

Love is my Homegirl. i just printed that card.. oh boy i see myself spending alot of time here. I am also gonna make the paper dolls entourage. Yes, I know I am 44 and maybe a bit too old for this?? But it is soooooooo cute. I gotta have them. Sassy is 16 and she will like it, Sweet is 13 and really is gonna think I am a dork. I already have the pink harajuku girl prints. I got those for sweet's room and they are so cute.

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looking for kateness

has anyone seen kateness where are you?


need i say more??

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guy ritchie looks like he is holding gary coleman!
i heart katherine's flower arrangement. i am gonna steal that idea!
gwen stefani just reeks kewl!

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no autographs please

i found my holiday '07 polish!

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girls fun stuff alert

let's hear it for brunette's

LOVE CAROLYN BRUNDAGE!! & with her permission I am posting one of her clever writings! I'm a brunette so that might have a little bit to do with it as well. (hee hee) I always say to my blonde friends, "brunettes have substance" they flip me off. not to mention, ha but i will, catherine zeta is mentioned in this article and i get told on a regular basis i look like her. now, catherine is welsh and i am 1/2 chinese and 1/2 irish, but i'll take it. check her out!!!

pretty city

Blondes and Brunettes Square Off
by Carolyn Brundage
I am swearing off redheads. Lindsey has ruined it for us all.

Oh and blondes, too. Thanks Britney, Paris and Nicole.

Which brings us to brunettes. Whether deep rich sable, think good girl Anne Hathaway and Glam-a-mom Catherine Zeta Jones, or warm, sunny auburn a la Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel, brunettes may not have more fun (cue Britney, Paris and Nicole) but boy do they have style.

Bombshell Brunettes

Survey says… brunettes are the new sex kittens.

3 in 4 men would rather wake up with a brunette than a blonde, according to a recent SunSilk survey of 4,000 men.

And while most of us could care less if gentlemen no longer prefer blondes, going dark for fashion's sake is much easier than lightening up. (Let's not even talk about the perils of getting red just right.) The bottom line is, if you have hair, you can make the change.

For natural brunettes, the options are endless, from intense mahogany to rich copper. Blondes too can add color to their look without jumping head first into a long term commitment. Lowlights, the opposite of highlights, can be used to add darker color and dimension to blonde hair. Those not afraid to settle down can opt for a complete brunette transformation, as did Reese Witherspoon and Hillary Duff. Contrast is key in choosing the right shade of hair color to suit your skin tone. Be warned: pale skin and light brown hair may look washed out. Lighter skin tones fare well with rich chocolate and ebony, while darker skin is complemented by light shades of color, proving that opposites really do attract.

And then there's the makeup. Change the color of your hair and be prepared to give your makeup drawer a significant overhaul. Dark locks usually require more makeup, but over apply and you'll look like a trollop instead of a trendsetter. When in doubt, seek professional help before beginning a major makeover.

A Page from their Look Books

It's often been said that older men marry younger women to recapture their youth. Catherine Zeta Jones has effectively reversed that trend by at once marrying up - way up - and freezing the hands of time. The 37 year old actress (who turns 38 in September) looked stunning on the red carpet at July's Manhattan premiere of No Reservations.

Zeta-Jones ultra-dark locks set off her fair skin and dark eyes paired with rosy cheeks and lips. A red sequined dress kicked up the va-va-voom factor, which is undoubtedly exactly what the anti-wallflower intended.

Pictured: Catherine Zeta-Jones cozies up to co-star Aaron Eckhart at the NYC premier of her new movie No Reservations on July 25. Courtesy of PR Pictures.

Actress Anne Hathaway has also helped increase the box-office appeal of brunettes.

From The Princess Diaries to queen of chic, Hathaway is making a quick ascent up the style ladder. Hathaway's well-heeled turn in The Devil Wears Prada earned her a spot on the A-list, and she's been working hard at cementing a spot on Hollywood's best dressed list to boot.

Hathaway vamped it up at the premier of Becoming Jane with dark hair, dark eyes and even deep merlot nails, all set off by her seemingly flawless porcelain complexion. It's no wonder the rest of us are heading to the dark side.

Pictured: Brunette bombshell Anne Hathaway at the NYC premier of Becoming Jane on July 24. Courtesy of PR Pictures.

No matter the current trends, pick a look that works for you. Just ask the blonde, then redhead, then brunette, now blonde again Jessica Simpson. Changing your hair color won't change your life.

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Bra Power! Spice Girls Selling New Album at Victoria's Secret

By Marisa Laudadio and Kristen Mascia

The Spice Girls in 1997

Photo by: everett collection

Forget the record store. For their Greatest Hits album, the Spice Girls have chosen a retailer with products considerably closer to their, uh, hearts.

The sexy pop group has partnered with Victoria's Secret to sell the 15-track album exclusively through the lingerie giant's stores and Web site, PEOPLE has learned.

"They do great bras, and every girl wears a bra. And they should – at some point in their life. Unless they don’t need to wear one," Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown told PEOPLE Monday night. The CD, due Nov. 13, will not be available at traditional retail outlets but will be downloadable at various music sites including iTunes. (Fans can also pre-order hard copies of the CD at for 24 hours between midnight on Oct. 17 and 18.)

The album features 13 of the group's biggest hits, plus two new tracks: the album's first single "Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)" and "Voodoo."

The partnership also extends to television: Baby (Emma Bunton), Ginger (Geri Halliwell), Scary (Mel B.), Sporty (Melanie C.) and Posh (Victoria Beckham) will perform during the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show, which tapes in Los Angeles on Nov. 14 and airs on CBS Dec. 4.

The Spice Girls, who have sold 55 million albums worldwide, kick off their world tour on Dec. 2 in Vancouver.

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the real world

I found this blog by way of Dummy. You know how I like to blog about the goings on in the world of celebrity! Most certainly anything to do with SJP & Sex in the City, Spice Girls & Becks, but as I have said before I do that not because I don't care about what is going on in the world but more of a get away to not have to think about some of the 'bad' stuff going on. Ya know what I mean? Anyway, the fires that went on in S.Cali were so devastating and after seeing this blog (lee's) I had to share it. (with lee's permission of course) The pictures tell the story.