Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sunday, January 28, 2007

what a beauty ( i am)

The husband & I watched a couple movies this weekend. We actually found and agreed on 2 movies. First we saw my choice, The Devil Wears Prada. I had read the book and did not see it in the theater so I was happy to put on my sweats, get some take out and put on some pay per view. We both enjoyed it.

We also saw Miami Vice (the husbands choice) but I was happy to see it. I was a huge fan in the 80's and never missed an episode. ( i also LOVED Nash Bridges... if anyone cares) Ok, so the movie starts and you see the boats on the water. OK. so here is a snippet of conversation between the husband & i.

me: "thats cool, where is that?"

the husband: pause, looks at me "miami"

me: "oh ya, miami vice"

what a beauty.

the end.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do you want the good news or the bad news?

Lets go with the bad first, and get it out of the way. Remember my "perfect" job?
Esthetician right down the street from my home in a beooootiful salon? Where I instantly connected with the owner? Love at first sight ya might say. Then I got what I thought was the bad news, that the salon was moving locations to the next town, which seriously is 5-7 minutes away depending on traffic. Well, I really got the bad news now! In the new location there is a woman who does massage therapy and apparently is set up for facials and in her contract she has that no other eshtetician or massage therapist can lease in the same building as she. That sux for me people! New Boss says lets not give up yet, there may be a way around it and at the very least we can explain that I would not be "stealing" business from her but rather working from within the salon client base (which is 450 people!!) Here are some pics of my beoooootiful salon.

Oh! The good news. My frenemy & I have not spoken one whole year. The husband and her boyfriend are super good friends and we use to socialize all the time together on a regular basis, and I worked for the frenemy. This past weekend the husband & I were invited to a wedding and I knew the frenemy would be there and I had a sick feeling we would be seated at the same table so I had major anxiety. So, we go to the wedding and we are seated at the same table!!! To make a long story short the frenemy came up to me and gave me a hug and we started talking and just decided it was water under the bridge and we both mutually missed each other so "we're back together" hee hee. The friendship is back on and I am pretty pleased about that! Now, we can all hang out together again! When the frenemy & I were not speaking our mutual friends would hang out with us individually and now the dynamics are such that we can all hang together! the end.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mr. Big Quotes

Carrie: Have you?
Mr. Big: Have I what?
Carrie: Ever been in love?
Mr. Big: Absofuckinglutely.

Big: After a while, you just want to be with the one who makes you laugh.

Carrie: What do you want?Mr. Big: Why don't we save time and you just tell me what I want?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Mac's newest face

The newest face of MAC makeup is Raquel Welch. She is absolutely lovely. I cannot believe she is 67!!
Raquel is the latest in a series of celebrities modeling for the trendy makeup.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

5 things about me (+ a couple extras)

I've been tagged! by CuteJewess So, I get to share 5 things you didn't know about me.1. Well, I can remember celebrity gossip and names of models but I cant't remember my drivers license number. 2. I had a size 8 foot had sassy and it went to a size 9, then had sweet and it went to a 10... & you wonder why I don't have a third! 3. I've been engaged 4 times but married 2x. 4. I'm a democrat, I believe in Global Warming, & I would vote for Bill Clinton if he could run again. 5. I can give a brazillian wax, but I'm afraid to get one!!! 6. I eat cherry tomatoes like candy! 7. I saw the Dalai Lama and Joel Osteen in the same year. 8. I could sit by the pool in Vegas ALL DAY . I think every few posts I'll add a couple more things, till I get to a 100. So, Anny, Paul, Jeff, LG, Debbie you've been tagged!

red carpet

I am more interested in the red carpet than the actual awards show. I couldn't seem to find a red carpet pre show this year though. I saw Clint Eastwood at the movies over the holidays and he looks better in real life than on t.v. and his wife Dina is prettier in person too, back in the day I stood next to her in aerobics. (I haven't gone in years which might explain why I look the way I do and Dina looks the way she does! ) Angelina Jolie really looked glamorous and Beyonce looked trashy. Jen Garner looked really cute.

I still look at Brad and Angelina and wonder where Jen is!? Oh, well, sometimes its nice to forget your own worries and world and just watch the red carpet.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

guess who's coming to cali?

more becks : 6/21/06, 7/2/06, 9/17/06


A year ago christmas (2005!!) the husband got me a rokr cell phone. Technology is such that I'm sure it is considered a relic now! vintage! The thing is the phone holds a 100 songs. Sassy & Sweet think that is "dumb" I mean Ipods hold, what a 1000 - 5000 songs? I never even downloaded songs, I simply used the phone as well... a phone. AH! brainstorm, if I am to be on the dummy worldwide workout blog I should be listening to tunes! So a year later I don't know how to download a song , but Sweet does and I told her to pick some music Mommy can workout too. I'm like a kid with a new toy. I am actually humming along and smiling now as I walk/jog and I'm not one to sit still at a concert so I gotta be boppin' my head as I doing my thing. I am oblivious to the cars and people around me. (at 7:15 am its really on moms and school kids anyhow) Oh, here are the songs Sweet downloaded for me. Akon Smack that (ya i'm up for mother of the year on that one) but who doesn't like a little slim shady? Ludacris Money Maker, Boston Augustina, Carrie Underwood Before he Cheats, Eminem Just loose it, jayZ Show me what you got, Nickelback Rockstar, The Fray. So, I'm diggin' my vintage phone and my new toy, a whole year later.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nicey Nice

LL Cool J. Ladies Love Cool James. aCG Cool James. aCaligurl Loves Cool James. aCaligurls husband says "what happened to becks?"( one on each continent husband!!!)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I stopped by my future place of employement today. Ya, know the perfect salon within in walking distance of my home. So I start chatting with the owner and she gets all happy and says guess what? **ahem*** guess what, the salon owner decided she would like to move to the next town. WHAT???????? this is my dream place, what do you mean move? So, the next town is only 7 minutes away.... I know, no big deal, but this was to be the perfect job in the perfect town. I actually start on Thursday, so for a bit I'll be in the space I adore. The move takes place mid March. The new boss goes on to say, "we'll get a view of the ocean" . What do you mean "we'll" I mean I plan to be so busy with clients, I won't get to see the view. I am bummed to say the least, but I am fortunate that right out of school and within a month of getting my license I actually have a pretty sa weeeeet job. So, thats the lastest on my spa tacular career.

Monday, January 08, 2007

It has been a splendid 2 weeks while Sweet was on christmas vacation. or should i say winter break, I believe that is the pc way to say it. Anyway, we stayed up late, hit a few movies, didn't worry about homework, which by the way 1/2 the 7th grade homework i can't even help her with 'cause i don't know what the heck it is! We slept in every morning, 'till 8 or 9 am!! Ahh, but all good things eventually come to an end. That end was this morning when Sweet went back to school. Geez, I had to set the alarm at 6am to get her up as she sleeps thru the alarm and then it takes me about 20 minutes just to get her butt out of bed!(Gosh, remember the days in middle school and high school when you could sleep for days?) as she signed up for 0 period, which means she takes an extra class and has to be at school by 7:10. We live just blocks from school and technically she could walk but we just make it getting out the door and driving! I dropped her off this a.m. and parked the car and walked. It actually was a beautiful morning and once I started walking it was all good. The day was off to a good start!****** I have had 2 out of 5 interviews I have scheduled for this month and I have been offered 2 positions. Yah!!! I had 99% accepted the first offer until I had the second interview and saw the room I will be working in and now I am 99% I would prefer that job. As soon as I accept and start working I will post pictures of the facial room I'll be in. The room is in a high end salon and it is so beautiful and the room has a wall water fountain and is painted in light greens and turquoises. There won't be a client that comes in that won't be pampered and relaxed!! My goal has been to stay right in my town close enough that I can walk to work if I like, and guess what, it looks like it will be happening. I live in a town on the ocean where the city hall clock chimes a couple times a day! Some people would find it boring and too small town but I love it. If I need to get a city rush I can always head over the hill to San Francisco or San Jose. I still have 3 more interviews and even though they are further away I would still like to see what my options are. I'll keep ya posted!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

new years eve

This new years eve was quite uneventful. Sweet & Sassy were with their father, so the husband & I cooked together and just kinda hung out at home. I had steak & garlic shrimp and he had shrimp in a pasta sauce (got the recipes from giada/everyday italian) anyway, we had tivoed di vinnci code and we were all set. I even bought a bottle of champagne, that is still in the fridge! I love diet coke and he loves lime diet coke, so there you go. At about 11:30 I turned on Dick Clark's NYE special. It was sad (& sorta uncomfortable) to watch and listen to Dick talk. I feel bad that I even feel uncomfortable about it, but it was a bummer to watch him struggle . I think Ryan Seacrest did a great job and I caught Christina Aguirre's performance, that girl can see but what a snot when she is not singing! Did anyone else see it? So, that was our rockin' new years eve. I wish everyone a healthy, happy '07 cheers to blog friends !!