Monday, April 09, 2007

about 6 weeks ago wacky (owner of the salon)looked at me and blurted out, "your hair needs shaping. and i don't like the color" WHOA! the color is mine! women stop me on the street to ask what color i use! i proudly say "its mine, i don't color" she randomly blurts this kind of stuff out all the time. i always laugh because she is such a beauty, and i don't mean that in the beautiful way i mean in the wacky i drank too much coffee way. anyway, we decide she will "shape and trim" my hair. she does and it looks pretty good. fast forward 6 weeks (last week) and she blurts out "your hair looks like sh*t, we gotta cut it" yes, she said this in the salon, in front of clients. just for background information i should tell you she is a color specialist, lived and had a salon in new york, and has been in beverly hills and has been the instructor for professional l'oreal and schwartzcoff color, i have never in my life colored my hair but apparently these are the best companies, she always claims that because she is from new york she is no nonsense and we "cali" people are too sensitive and take things too personal) (last time i checked being from new york doesn't give you an excuse to be rude and embarrassing at the expense of your employee)ok, so back to my hair. (or lack of) i sit in her chair and take my glasses off and the next thing you know, my bangs that were TO MY CHIN are above my eyebrow! and the layers are wacked so i can't put my hair up. two things about me, i never have my bangs at eyebrow length and i wear my hair up most of the time. i can't believe she did this. of course she is bragging about how wonderful it is. (did i also mention she has a 2-3 week waiting list and charges $$$$ and i don't get charged, i trade in skin care)
at first i thought i looked like a black poodle, but i figured out a trick or two with the curling iron so its not so bad, and in about another couple weeks it will probably be really cute. the husband is calling me fifi. lol.
went to easter dinner last nite and i hadn't told my friends about the cut, i wanted to see the looks on their faces. one laughed, and one gasped! it was pretty funny.
the end.


Heather said...

awww!!! that is the worst. I freak if i get a bad hair cut. :( I'm so sorry, but you know you now have to post a picture lol hehe i hope it grows quickly for you!!!

fifi--bad hubby! ;)

Cute Jewess said...

Just saw this entry--ack! Don't let her near your hair again!!

I'm a native New Yorker, and I hope you'll believe me that we're MUCH better than that!

The Dummy said...

*gasp* that's terrible! I should know, because a certain someone I know just happened to have a bad experience lately with a haircut. So uh, will you be sharing the cut with your audience?

e.b. said...

oh you have to follow that story up with a picture!

wheresmymind said...

That puppy looks alot like my inlaws dog! Maybe I should buy Zoe some pearls?

acaligurl said...

jeff. just call me zoe!
heather/eb hmmm maybe i could post a picture. i mean we all need a good laugh.