Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rosie's big mouth (from
• In November, O'Donnell chides Kelly Ripa for making a remark about Clay Aiken that O'Donnell deemed "homophobic." Ripa calls in to defend her comment, telling O'Donnell: "You know better. You should be more responsible."
• The next month, O'Donnell's infamous and long-running feud with Donald Trump begins when she calls him a "snake-oil salesman" following his announcement that he would not fire troubled Miss USA Tara Conner. He calls her (among other things) "a loser."
• A joke about Danny DeVito that mocks the Chinese language outrages members of the Asian-American community in December. O'Donnell eventually apologizes on the air.
• In January, the New York Post reports that O'Donnell and Walters clashed backstage over O'Donnell's feud with Trump. A View rep tells PEOPLE the incident was "only a squabble."
• During a heated discussion with Hasselbeck in March about the government's access to citizens' telephone conversations, O'Donnell says, "Elisabeth, you are very young, and you are very wrong." She later apologizes on her Web site.
• In April, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay calls for her to be suspended from The View, writing on his Web site: "If the left takes Imus, we'll take Rosie." On her site, O'Donnell calls him a "criminal."
• On Monday, O'Donnell draws fire for her off-color remarks as emcee of the Matrix Awards luncheon for women in media. In the audience, Walters is seen burying her face in her hands.


Airam said...

She needs her jaw wired shut.

Anonymous said...

i gotta say though that she's the only reason i tune into that show.

Anny said...

whelp, she's off the view now LOL