Thursday, December 14, 2006

I have a cold, or is it the flu? according to the symptom guide i don't know what i have! anyway, all i know is i haven't gotten a christmas tree (usually have that first week of december) I don't have any shopping done, usually have that done as well. I was so stressed about my state board that i think i wore out my resistance, because i swear driving home after the test i had sore throat symptoms and now 6 days later i am still not well. yikes! gotta get something under the tree (well first i gotta get a tree) for sweet & sassy! We have a tradition, ,throughout the year i put all my spare change in a bucket and then the day after thanksgiving sweet, sassy & myself go and cash in all the change. The girls get to split it. First they pick a charity of their choice, sassy chose food bank and sweet chose spca. (they have to put 10%) then what is left they can christmas shop with. We have done that and we have done the packages for anysoldier so I feel good about that, but we need to put the tree up!! And I only got one work out in for the work out crew. Yikes again, its roll call tomorrow. Hope you all are well and have your tree up!! Happy Holidays! Happy Hanukkah.


Anny said...

ew sorry to hear ur sick. :(

Heather said...

Oh No! I hope you feel better soon!!

SendStories said...

Hey, I hope you feel better soon too! Something must be going 'round here in California, because I'm seeing it too!

(btw, it's DD - I have to use this new blogger ID so I can comment on the new beta blogs! If you allow non-registered users, peeps like me will be able to comment under other identities)