Wednesday, December 13, 2006

christmas cheer xtra

i just spoke with *sweet's english teacher, she thought it would be wonderful to have the class write holiday greetings to include in the boxes to any soldier.
i know this is such a small thing but if we can put a smile on some faces it will be worth it. i am so thankful for all i have and my family and my friends and it really saddens me that these young men and women are alone and scared. shouldn't we all be able to be thankful and peaceful? i'm out the door to drop off some holiday cards to the school.

*sweet= younger daughter


Jeff said...

What a great cause! I've got to say...not a criticism...but the font/background colors made it hard to read the blog :Z

Sorry I'm using another account...blogger beta isn't allowing comments.


Heather said...

that's awesome. I will definitely check it out.

I agree with Jeff--the colors are not working and your links don't show up either bc of the color. You had a great look before--go back or try something new--again! ;)

Cute Jewess said...

A very sweet idea, indeed!