Friday, July 20, 2007

becks! is! here!

acaligurl's sissie sat right below becks at the allstar soccer game last nite in colorado!!! sissie says the crowd was going crazy and he was waving and smiling the whole time.
acaligurl is going to colorado next month when la galaxy plays the rapids...

wooot woooot!!!
*(the husband is totally rolling his eyes at me right now) he keeps calling becks a
"has been"
what evvvvva don't be a hatr! he is the finest "has been" i've evvvva seen. :)

i've got becksitis and i need a becksadyl.


Heather said...

LOL you're so cute!!!

Anny said...

ha that's funny. i was in CO at the time, but didn't know this was going on.