Saturday, November 04, 2006

When I was in my 20's the F word was $#@%. "What the f?" "f*you" "f*off" I don't give a "f" By the time I was in my 30's, married with 2 babies the "F" word became fat.And I don't mean phat cool bitchin'I mean what happened to the skinny me? As the late 30's were closing in, the "F" word became FORTY! YIKES! When did 40 get here? And how? Anway.........I celebrated 40 just fine! (really its not bad :)Look at Teri Hatcher, Heather Lockelear, Sandra Bullock, Demi & SJP . Now happily the "F" words are all behind me. Hooray....yippeee....WAIT! HOLD UP!! GEEZ 50 is an "F" word. What the "F*"????
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LegallySuited said...

I am afraid that f-words will always be a part of your life - embrace them! What about Facials, Foot massages, and just plain ol' Fun? ;)

- LS

* meish * said...

HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!!

teahouse said...

Yeah, happy birthday!

I think in the 50s it's Old Fogey. Or Old Fart. Or Fabulous Femme Fatale!


acaligurl said...

u are are sweet! its not my birthday though (feb!!) & i'm still closer to 40 than 50 (hee hee) i'm 43
and legally suited i like it the new f words FACIALS.