Saturday, October 14, 2006


Triskadekaphobia: the fear of the number 13! Well, as far as Friday the 13th's go, mine was uneventful. Esthetican school was awesome, we are in the chemisty chapter so we had a instuctor come in and we made handmade, homeade soap using essential oils, (peppermint & geranium) oatmeal, (for exfoliating purposes) geranium petals, and rose petals and olive oil, grapeseed oil and almond oil and vitamin E. They turned out absolutely delightful! Then we hoped into 3 cars and did an In n Out Burger run. GAWD that was sooooooo good. Well, back to the 13th, I am selective when I come to superstitions. I will not drive my car past a black cat crossing the street, no joke, I won't. I always put my fingers on the window and make a wish when driving over train tracks! My first marriage was on October 13th which eventually led to anniversary's on Friday the 13th (which eventually ended in divorce??!!) hmmmm. I guess its all about the way you look at things & life. One sports team is gonna loose and one is gonna win. Someone is gonna win in Vegas and someone is gonna loose, someone is going to die and someone born, someone might get in a car accident and someone win the lotto. So the 13th came and went just like all the other days of the year. Which by the way Halloween is just around the corner.... and then my favorite Thanksgiving (its all about the food) and Christmas and New Years and yikes its 2007!! Carry on :)

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