Monday, October 16, 2006

Hollywood update

Well, my facination continues. George & Julia. What more needs to be said? 2 lovely looking people! Nicole Kidman, one word, Elegance. Mark Wahlberg, one word HOT. Matthew is well...Matthew. Again! what is with Tom and another black sweater? man boobies i say. Is it me or is Tom starting to look dumpy?


caketastic said...

Hi there acaligurl, thanks for your comment on my blog. And thanks for loving my cupcakes. Have you checked out the picson flickr, be warned once you start you can't stop.

As for recipes, I definitely give them out as most of them are not mine and the ones that are well, I believe in sharing a good thing.

Now the one you are after is strangely enough from 52cupcake. I have baked it twice now and its a keeper. The link/address is below

Good luck and let me know how it goes.


PS Your blog is great, made me smile, which I really need today. And Tom Cruise definitely looks like a girl.

anny said...

holy schmoly - u've been a busy bee with all these posts that i've missed. i never knew u had a daughter!

anny said...

got ur comment. which pic are u talking bout?

Heather said...

I heard on the radio yesterday that Tom had to wear "support" to suck him in at his wedding!! Apparently, he's gaining weight--hence the black?!