Wednesday, September 20, 2006

I'm not a beauty school drop out!

Well, I started esthetician school at the end of June. I currently have about 347 hours. I need 600 hours to graduate so I am over half way there.
I attend apprx 40 hrs a week. Tues thru Sat. I LOVE IT! All day we learn about skincare, chemical peels, waxing and all the latest products and techniques in the never ending quest for young looking skin and wrinkle free skin. Women (& Men) actually pay for these services.!!! In return I get to do something I truly love. Personally, I have already had 3 chemical peels and the results are fantastic. We practiced so many facials on each other we actually got tired of receiving them! There are six of us in the class and we all agree this has been a new friend, bonding, learning experience. We even choose to get together for dinner and study groups on our days off. Go figure at age 43 I would adore going back to school and making new friends and making people look & feel better! So, drink your water, eat blueberries, strawberries, cantalope and cut out sugar, coffee and flour!! Oh, and get your facials regularly ;)


Whozfan said...

Hey you, how are ya? Im good and just had my first birthday. Congrats on your on going studies, you're more than halfway there. I did something similar back in '98. I went to message school while I was working full-time. I took over 6 months, 4 hours a day, for a total of 290 hours. This was in TX. It was pretty hard and required a lot of study. I never worked for a salon or a business. I had customers come to my house and I never had more than 5 regulars at any one time. I didn't work on men so htat limited my clientele. But at $50.00 per hour it was a great part-time job. It is really a lot work to give a message. I don't know how anyone could give more than 6 in one day. Now I'm in NM and they require 540 hours to be certified here and I dont want or need any more schooling. I trade out with two therapists here and no money is exchanged. I can give a massage here but I cannot charge, but I CAN be tipped. So that works. Oh, do you have a email address or a secondary one? Is so email me and give it to me if you wish. ps. I misspelled massage a couple of times. Happy Trails

anny said...

that photo is what i look like once a week. clay masks are the best!

Heather said...

That's great! Glad you're enjoying school and meeting new people. Sounds like you're having fun and hopefully you'll be able to start your new career soon!
Talk to you soon!