Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just gimme a cupcake...

geeeez this is how i feel with my blog.I can see it but I just can't quite reach it!! I can't get all the info in order the way I want. Hmmm from what I have currenty read (blog wise) I guess I am older than the average blogger(again, at least the one's i'm reading) so my point is, that I am not nearly as computer, blogger savvy as I should like to be %$#^&*! (sigh) I am gonna have to go back & print and read "instruction" to do this. Its not like I have any kind of memory where I can get the info and go right to it. Noooooooo I have to print, read and read and read again! ok, as soon as I get this figured out I will be blogging regularly. Until then, the cupcake is in site but I just can't get it.


Whozfan said...

Great picture. Is that your dog? You're doing fine and I'll bet you're younger than me. It's kind of a learn-as-you-go process. Hell, I don't know how to post a picture yet, but I aint worried about it.

acaligurl said...

hey there, i love the pic also. no, Layla is not mine i took that pic from 52 cupcakes flikr photos!! i love to bake so i was checking out all the cupcake sites and this gal has a whole photo album of her dog Layla with cupcakes!! ok, so i checked out your profile and you are closer to 50 than me and I am closer to 40 than you! so you are right you are a tad older. if i could figure out how to list the blog posts i like you could find layla too! oh, and you haven't had the urge to say the "two words" yet? and i have said them twice!! i thought i meant it the first time but i guess not. this time around its looking good, going on my 3 year anniversary.
ciao for now