Monday, February 25, 2008

oscar style

best actress marion & piv's!!!

my favorite dress is cameron diaz's
penelope is always elegant
lovely jennifer
classy nicole

stunning anne
love cate


Alkemie said...

My faves are Penelope and Anne is a vision in Red! Fun post!


Anonymous said...

Anne looks amazing.

Heather said...

you've been tagged on my blog! :)

Love the photos!!

Anonymous said...

jen garner won it hands down for me.

lisa marie said...

It would be so much fun to have to dress up like that. :) Cameron is always lovely!

Graziella said...

hello there. thanks for the visit. i actually liked tilda's because she stuck to her style. i also loved penelope's and rosmund pike's yellow gown.

boody said...

Thanks for the comments! I can't believe you didn't keep the $20! You could've exchanged it! haha j/k.

Thinking Fool said...

If I didn't have a thing hanging between my legs OR if I were into dressing up like a woman, I'd want Cameron's dress too. Maybe in the next life! Ha.

city pretties said...

My favorite was Katherine Heigl - she looked outrageously "Old Hollywood" glam!

But you couldn't miss the bling on Nicole!

B said...

cameron was my favorite as well

but overall pretty boring this year

* meish * said...

i was so excited that marion cotillard won! one of my favorite films of last year!!