Sunday, February 10, 2008

at&t is in town!

blue skies & sun and add some celebrities and the town in HAWT!!! i live in such a beautiful town! although i chose to stay away from the crowds this year, the girlfriends went out on the town and to the tournament and gave me the scoop. luke wilson was lunching by himself (uh a blue cheese wedge.) by himself?? i would have at least said hello, the girlfriends just watched.
ray romano & kevin james are always together. the crowd loves 'em. if you ever get to the tournament let acaligurl know!

kevin james (always hangin' with ray romano) andy garcia (my girlfriend has his eaten apple he tossed in the trash wrapped in a freezer bag in her freezer... (dork!)

kevin costner & don cheadle

george lopez (notice behind him huey lewis & carson daly)

chris o'donnell

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Anny said...

wow, weather really does look great. was same down here too!