Thursday, January 31, 2008

what a great idea pensieve has! a book drawing, i love it. who doesn't like to 'win' or get a 'surprise' and a book is something that can be shared, discussed and bond over. the other thing i like about pensieve is we are encouraged to write poetry and express ourselves . now i do not find myself clever with the words in any way (& the husband is an english lit major to boot) but pensieve has said this is not a competion but a way to express, so with that i entered one of the poem writings. try it, its fun!!!


Robin (the PENSIEVE one) said..., girlieQ...I caught you talkin' about me behind my back! Why, thank you!!


A new round of Poetic License will be announced soon, but as soon as I decide what it will be (I'm thinking maybe sonnets???) I'll post it on the Poetic License page (accessed in my sidebar).

Seriously, thank you for your kind words today...I really didn't expect THIS and you are more than kind!!

Thank you only begins to express my gratitude. Plus, you gave me BIG SMILES! WAHOOO!!! :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I am headed over to Pensieve!

Crema said...

I'll check it out

Thnx for the welcome :)