Saturday, January 05, 2008

so its a new year which means alot of us are ready to face the new year and make
'08 the best. losing weight and exercising seem to be at the top of many lists. weight watchers, jenny craig, golds gym, curves... are all offering specials for the new year. weight loss is a billion dollar industry, and ya know it comes down to just 2 words. STOP EATING!!! the thing is i can't! i know what i need to do, and i know what i need to cut out , but i just love food, and sugar, and cupcakes! and i love to bake and eat what i bake. and exercise??? blahhhh. now the sissie teaches jazzercise and is in tip top shape and she has explained to me that at *ahem* my age i really need to exercise for my bones and body and mind. so acali has decided i will cut back on sugar,add more veggies and fruit and less flour and i'm not going all crazy on the exercise but i will be working out 3 days a week to start. i'm not gonna call it a new year resolution, just getting healthy!

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Anonymous said...'s your actually heard what I said.....that's a step in the right direction! can't wait to come to CA so we can walk and talk!