Friday, June 29, 2007

when the spice girls were at the top of their game acaligurl was there!!! yes, i have the cd's, the movies, the back pack and the stationary. i only use the stationary on VERY VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE/OCCASIONS!!! i have about 6 pieces left.... anyhoo, word is there is going to be a reunion. who's with me??? i'm going.


Drama Queen said...

I will pay for there NOT to be a reunion. . .

acaligurl said...

drama LOL!!!
i can't wait to take sweet & sassy.
it will be good clean family fun.
plus, um ya, i just love 'em.
remember i'm the girl that likes peter andre & katie price :)

teahouse said...

Yeah, I think they actually look better now than they did before. Something about how mature women (in their 30s) always seem so much more comfortable with themselves than young women in their early 20s..I certainly think that's the case for myself.