Monday, June 11, 2007

no more wackado, bada bing ,paulie walnuts or mudder!

i know america seems to be highly disappointed in the season finale of the soprano's.
i loved the end. i am not disappointed. i thought it was brilliant. all this commotion going on at the end, riff raff walking into the diner, meadow can't park her car, the family together. and then black!!! the husband rewinded tivo as if rewinding would give him an actual bang em up shoot em ending. but it didn't.
i'm glad tony didn't see his family being shot, and i'm glad the family didn't witness tony being murdered and i'm glad there was no blood and guts and human torture! that stuff makes me have *anxiety. i couldn't watch when the punk ass boys poured the acid chemical on the kid that owed them money, and it made me sick when vito got the bat up his ****. so i for one am thrilled to see tony soprano and his family getting together for a family meal. amen.

(*now when phil leotardo got smashed, i don't know why the husband and i laughed. but it struck me as funny.... carry on.)

oh oh oh, and journey (don't stop believing) was the perfect song to fade out too!


teahouse said...

Yeah, I've heard much about this. I just got into the Sopranos recently, and I've been getting the DVDs from Netflix and making my way through the seasons. I'm still on Season 2.

wheresmymind said...

I've only seen a couple seasons of the Sopranos, but from what I've sounded like a fine ending to me :) Many American's want things spelled out in simple terms...a clean ending...all loose ends tied up. I'd rather fade to black

Anonymous said...

thanks for the recap. i missed it and wanted to know what happened.

DebbieDoesLife said...

I guess I will have to Netflix and get caught up.

LOVE JOURNEY!! Saw Steve Perry with them when I was a Junior in High School!! (very long time ago)