Sunday, May 13, 2007

a wonderful post from kate
with permission from her kateness i am copying this to my blog because it is inspiration to be happy to be alive!!! when i read this is just made me smile!!!

i'm happy, i'm happy, i'm happy!
Life is amazing.
Life is beautiful.
Life is colorful.
Life is delicious.
Life is energizing.
Life is fabulous.
Life is glorious.
Life is history.
Life is infinite.
Life is joyful.
Life is karma.
Life is limitless.
Life is meaningful.
Life is new.
Life is opulent.
Life is possibilities.
Life is questions.
Life is radiant.
Life is stupendous.
Life is tenacious.
Life is unusual.
Life is vibrant.
Life is wonderful.
Life is x-citing.
Life is yearning.
Life is zestful.

Go out and enjoy it!!!!!!

Posted by Kate


Anonymous said...

you should see the big smile on my face!

"her kateness." i love that!


Drama Queen said...


Cute Jewess said...

Hope you got some damn good pampering on mom's day!!

wheresmymind said...

What a happy post! Especially cool on a Monday!

* meish * said...

that was invigorating. it makes me want to go out and conquer the world!

happy belated mother's day!