Friday, May 18, 2007

sunday april 22
hey cutej, amore, loverville, kate, eb, modigli & heather. anyone want to do a "blog" book club? i've never actually done a book club, but hey it can't be that hard.... right? we could check in every week or 2 and comment on the reading.i nominate "straight up and dirty" stephanie klein. me know whatch' thinkanny? teahouse? meish? lola? girl dates london?and actually anyone interested can join. can we get a book club rolling?*updateloverville & kate & acaligurl (so far)besides being a slow reader, i don't even have the book, so lets start june 1st? it will be a summer read!

may 19
ok, the update is loverville, kate, eb, meish & me. so should we start july 1st? and do we want to do stephanie klein

eb read the book but you can still join us on our weekly check in. so is everyone kewl with july 1st? and we'll decide how much a week to read and then comment at the end of the week. we don't have to jam thru this book, its for fun so don't worry if you are a slow reader. (i am)

and i thought a "light" fun book like this would be good to start.

so get back at me.
(debbie & kim...... too)


Loverville said...

I'll give it a shot! However, I know that July will be a busy month for me (I have a few business trips), so I won't be around that much. But for now, I'm an 85% yes!

Again - another book I'd love to plug: PICK ME UP, by Zoe Rice.

I just recently met the author through mutual friends, and she's a super-cool chick. I'd love to get the word out there, and help promote her book! After all, I don't personally know any other cool, young women who are published authors!

Anonymous said...

i'm down.

The Dummy said...

Hey, that's so cool. Glad you've got a group taking you up on it. Mo's actually part of one offline that meets every few weeks. It's a great idea - hope you enjoy the book!

* meish * said...

sounds cool, i'm still down - july is going to be a busy month, so i'll be slow, too!