Saturday, March 24, 2007

class of '82

Tonite is my first meeting for our 25 year class reunion! OMGAWD!! Honestly it does not seem like 25 years for one and for another, uh how old am I? So there was this pizza joint that everyone either worked at or hung out at, so how approprate that our meeting will be there. The plan is to have our reunion in Vegas. We had a rather small graduating class, about 200 or so. Most of the people on the committee are not people I necessarily ran with and yet just corresponding with everyone regarding the reunion is like we have been friends all along. I wasn't quite Nicole Ritchie skinny but at 5'7 weighed 105 lbs. Now, lets just say that girl is gone! We all know when reunions come around its weight check for the ladies and who has hair left for the men!! Non the less, I am really looking forward to tonite!!!

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Kristen said...

Class reunions are always so intimidating before they start, but once you are there you are so glad you came! Have a great time!