Tuesday, February 27, 2007

part 3

So fast forward a year. Despite SP things are ok. Then one day KA calls LB and says he is putting the house on the market. Fair enough, he gave warning. What he didn't give warning on was that he would be at the house all the time doing minor improvements, (i.e sprinklers, new door etc..) SP is at the house putting in her 2 cents! She even offers to clean windows and garden. Ok, this is like offering Martha Stewart tips on cleaning her windows...KA tends to do this on the weekends and after 5pm when LB is home. She asks him to please let her have Sundays, as it is her only day off and when she gets up first thing doesn't want to listen to him hammering or to have to worry about coming out and there he is! He's says sure.... but doesn't do it. LB is in the real estate business and she knows the rules. She writes him a note requesting he not intrude on her one day. He replys with a rental increase!!!!
Now this is the guy that begged LB to rent his house, this is the guy who said he would reimburse for any extra $$$ she spent to improve the house, this is the guy that use to be considerate! (note, he never did reimburse or buy the new fridge he promised)
LB responds with a 30 day written notice that she is vacating the property.
In 30 days she is out and leaves the house in better shape than ever. A week goes by and no deposit yet, 3 weeks go by!! LB calls and says please send deposit. Doesn't come, then KA calls and says I'll bring it to your work. He comes in with a sealed envelope and says "I had to take out a little for cleaning" LB says "KA you are kidding right? you know i am spotless, show me a receipt" KA "uh, i don't have it with me i'll get it to you" he leaves. LB is fuming. She opens the envelope and there is a check for $800. She starts to laugh. Dum dum KA thought LB paid a $1000. deposit but she only paid $300. KA didn't even remember he cut her a deal because he was desperate and the house was so thrashed AND HE KNEW she was impecable!
The end result being LB got her deposit back, and we know KA won't be able to produce a cleaning bill, so LB will get "her" other $200. back. Hey, its poetic justice. the end.


Cute Jewess said...

Definitely poetic justice!! He could have been sued for not repaying her for all those promised expenses anyway.

Lola said...

Ha! Good for her. Thanks for the story!

Lola xx

Heather said...

Wow! Glad that worked in her favor. What a bum to end up like that especially when they had been friends. That's just wrong. Grrr!

* meish * said...

what a beautiful ending.