Thursday, January 11, 2007


A year ago christmas (2005!!) the husband got me a rokr cell phone. Technology is such that I'm sure it is considered a relic now! vintage! The thing is the phone holds a 100 songs. Sassy & Sweet think that is "dumb" I mean Ipods hold, what a 1000 - 5000 songs? I never even downloaded songs, I simply used the phone as well... a phone. AH! brainstorm, if I am to be on the dummy worldwide workout blog I should be listening to tunes! So a year later I don't know how to download a song , but Sweet does and I told her to pick some music Mommy can workout too. I'm like a kid with a new toy. I am actually humming along and smiling now as I walk/jog and I'm not one to sit still at a concert so I gotta be boppin' my head as I doing my thing. I am oblivious to the cars and people around me. (at 7:15 am its really on moms and school kids anyhow) Oh, here are the songs Sweet downloaded for me. Akon Smack that (ya i'm up for mother of the year on that one) but who doesn't like a little slim shady? Ludacris Money Maker, Boston Augustina, Carrie Underwood Before he Cheats, Eminem Just loose it, jayZ Show me what you got, Nickelback Rockstar, The Fray. So, I'm diggin' my vintage phone and my new toy, a whole year later.


wheresmymind said...

That new Iporn phone looks super cool! In a few years I'd love to have one of those :D

The Dummy said...

Cool! It's not THAT ancient yet. :)

You want ancient, just look at my phone. It doesn't even have music or a camera. It's just a phone!

You've got some good music in there - perfect for those workouts! btw, how did you do today? It's roll call time!