Tuesday, December 05, 2006

talk the talk walk the walk

Well, I have been checking in at Dummy'shttp://datingdummy.blogspot.com/ to see how everyone is doing on the group effort workout. I think most everyone goes to the gym, although my workout is walking. I have not done ANYTHING! in 6 months , so walking is working out to me! Dummy says we have "accountability" & because of this simple statement I have walked 3 times this week. Believe me,this is huge! Ironically, I went to my annual doctors appt. this past October. And from Oct. 2005 to Oct 2006 I have gained exactly 15lbs. whf?? I mean i knew I had gained "alittle" but you should have seen the look on the good Dr's face! I am 5'71/2 so I have height as an advantage, and my husband doesn't like stick skinny (like i used to be) and he is constantly telling me he thinks I look good. Ultimately, I don't feel super fly fine so I am gonna keep on walkin' and loose 10lbs by my birthday in February.


Meishya said...

i'm a big advocate of walking. next you can move onto hiking!

GraffitiPad.com said...

That's an awesome goal! You'd be the success story of the group :)

James Burnett said...

hang in there. start with a walk, move to a run or more later. none of us are competing in the olympics here.