Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Kid Rock Christmas

With the money and status Kid Rock has and the reputation for being a bad boy I don't think we would first think of Kid as a humanitarian. I read (& copied some of his personal pics and blog entrys regarding his trip to Iraq) Kid spent the holiday with our troops and I am sure he lifted morale and at least let the soldiers have a moment where they were not thinking about their worries or troubles. Way to go Kid, you Rock!

"7:15am, Dec 26th, Iraq. Wow, what a Christmas. Christmas breakfast was pretty good. Toured some of Saddam's many palaces (money cannot buy taste still holds very true!) meeting more and more soldiers on the way. Things were pretty grim when we learned another IED bomb hit one of our hummers on a mission. I went with the captain immediately to the hospital in Baghdad and hung with two soldiers who were injured. One of the other soldiers I do not think made it. I said a prayer for him...We met another soldier who had been hit by a sniper the day before. He was doing well and one of the most amazing things about these guys who are injured is how quickly they want to get well and back in the field - incredible. Took pics and hung with alot of the hospital staff, great people. Back to the base where I participated in a long tradition of serving holiday meals along side the higher ranking personnel to our troops. Took another Blackhawk ride to our next stop (camp Rustamiyah) which is in a pretty crazy area. Lots of pics and whatnot, I was told over and over "I cant believe you came here to this camp, no one like you has ever been here before, thank you." That made me feel good, and a bit intimidated, taking it that we were in a pretty bad area. When you're flying in and out of dangerous areas in Blackhawks and riding though the streets of Iraq in Humvees, it's pretty scary. I don't care who you are, it makes you think about things ALOT differently. Took an hour nap and when nightfall came we jumped on another Blackhawk and headed to another camp (I apologize my memory sux) for another huge meet n greet Christmas night. All the soldiers were so thankful and expressed how much it meant to them that I chose to spend my Christmas in Iraq with them - but it's really the other way around - their smiles, stories, and will made me proud to be amongst them, proud to be American. This is definitely the most rewarding Christmas I have ever had and I am so happy and humbled to be here with them. I smoked a cigar and crashed!! (Did I mention this is a dry country?? It is, and that sux!!) Merry Christmas from Iraq."


Anny said...

have a safe new years!!!! blogging from the apple store in vegas. gotta luvs it.

The Dummy said...

That was very cook of Kid Rock. most unexpected, and he definitely scores points in my book.

DebbieDoesLife said...

Okay. This makes me change my mind about him. Especially since my oldest will be entering the army in 2.5 years.