Sunday, November 26, 2006

thankful for

i am thankful for:

*the husband (hilarious, a smart ass & kind & thoughtful)

*the daughters (sweet & sassy)

*the sissie (& bro in law) (& the darlin' nephews)

*my longtime friends (the laughs & stories...)

*my parents( who are wise & put up with me!)

*the new friends i met at este' school

*waking up every morning

*living right next to the ocean

*my books (the dalai lama, all the barefoot contessa cookbooks and all the skin care books)

*moises (the most amazing instructor in skincare)

* movies with :audrey hepburn, will ferrell, jennifer aniston, johnny depp, dermott mulroney, julia roberts,

*people magazine

*dane cook

*make up

*my inlaws! they stay out of my business!! :) and my mil is the best!

*george bush cannot be re-elected


* meish * said...

cheers to the last one!!

Heather said...

:) Great list!