Monday, November 13, 2006

Skincare Conference

Let me start by saying that we have been looking forward to our first skincare conference since June 2006! Now let me say what a disappointment. I expected to see the best in skincare products as well as receive samples to prove the product. While Pevonia & Dermalogica & Eminence & Sampar were there, the rest seemed just average. Like you could find similar products in any drug store. Samples were sparse. Pevonia & Sampar handed out the most generous. Some of the companies ( i won't mention) actually wanted to charge us "1/2 price " for sample packs. We all agreed if the product was that gooooood they could sample it to us and we would be calling in our orders asap. Some of the participants were quite entertaining. Botox seemed to rule more than a few faces. Ah, but it is "their product " that gives that flawless skin. (wink wink) Half the time I was so busy staring at the waxy no expression faces that I really didn't even hear what was being said. I did attend a speed waxing class given by Lori Nestor aka The Wax Queen . Nothing like seeing a Brazilian on the big screen. That's right a volunteer from the audience came up, and plopped her vagina right up there for all to see, what the heck, it was FREE! Those can cost $60.00 & up. Lori gives a great informative class and she is hilarious. Besides that highlight, I bought some amazing essential oils. Italian Bergamont, Lemon, & Orange. The are going to make intoxicating steamed face towels. Well, I wouldn't have listened to anyone who said not to waste your time, as this was my first show. I am now planning on the Vegas 2007 show...... that one has to be good :)


teahouse said...

Ok, those photos are just slightly scary. What do they do to people's skin during these conferences?

acaligurl said...

well, i exagerated on the photo. that wasn't really from the conference, but some of the women & men had that stiff look from surgery & botox! the smart girls go early in the morning and sign up to be volunteers for facials and they are getting $100.+ free in services. there was alot of equipment for sale. & i did snag nice essential oils from italy and organic body creams. really, i'm sure vegas will have just as much "junk" but the ratio will be better. more high end.
peace out :)

Heather said...

wow, sounds interesting. at least you have an amusing time. Sorry it wasn't what you hoped it would be though.