Monday, November 27, 2006

hairs for the record

stanger: are you italian?
me: no
stranger: are you from new jersey?
me: no?
stranger: well you have big hair
me: huh?
so i've been asked if i was italian before, (no, just 2 italian husbands) i've been called "my big haired asian friend" on a busy street in front of a bar on a friday nite (by a best pal... she was drunk!)(and that name has stuck for years!!)i've been called tumbleweed (by a boyfriend in the 80's) i've been asked a gazillion times what color do i use on my hair. (i have never in my life colored my hair, not once) a bird once tried to land in my hair during lunch hour on the same busy street i was called a big haired azn friend and i have been asked if i was african american. oh and i've been called peg bundy once . my hair apparently has been the subject of conversation. so for the record. its all natural, no color added, i am azn/irish. having had the chinese mother that i do, i grew up with her pulling my hair into a tight ponytail and any pieces sticking out got smashed down with vaseline!!! wtf? and to make it more obvious, my sister had the perfectly straight azn hair. so forgive me if i still rebel and leave my hair in its natural wild state!!! while my mother has stopped commenting on getting my hair off my face, she is thrilled when i straighten it ! from time to time if people didn't talk about my hair i would wonder!!


anny said...

this post my me laugh out loud this morning. well i am all for big hair! unfortch, my limp asian hair doesn't do a thing and has no life. i actually bought this shampoo called BIG SEXY HAIR in the hopes that it would become just that - but no luck.

* meish * said...

LOL! i have an aunt who had big hair in the 80s and wore mini-skirts. she was our asian diana ross.

acaligurl said...

anna~ u gots to try BIG SEXY HAIRSPRAY!!

meish~cheers to your aunt & all big haired azn friends!!

DebbieDoesLife said...

Reading back through to catch up. This post is hilarious!!

I am the queen of big hair AND live in Texas!