Saturday, July 22, 2006

Punk in a Sponge Bob T.

Well, I haven't posted since I started esthetician school. So I guess I am overdue. I go full time Tues thru Sat and I love it. Now I attend school in a city about 40 minutes away.
Parking is hard to come by close to the college so I usually end up parking about 3-4 blocks away in a residential neighborhood. The other day I score a pretty decent park in between 2 driveways, with space enough for one car (mine!!) Now mind you this is a public steet. As I go to put one foot out of the car a little punk ass kid (say about 10 or 11) yells to me "hey could you move your car up?" I ask him why, like are you gonna throw the ball or play football and maybe you don't want to hit my cute brand new passat? "Where do you want me to move?" I ask. And the punk says " I don't care where you move just move, I live in the house across the street." Are you friggin kidding me??????? Are you for real? OMG I never spoken to an adult like that when I was a kid. This is todays world? Just mouth off to any adult and get away with it?I ask him if his mom is home and the punk says "Why" which means no she is not home. I preceed to tell the punk ass kid that this is a public street and I can park there. Of course at this point it dawns on me I am having this ridiculous conversation with a kid wearing a sponge bob t. I end up telling him to wait "there" while I go get the policeman to come over and tell us if its ok that I park on a public street. I drive off with the kid looking slightly concerned. Of course I don't come back because I am afraid if I leave my new car there for 7 hours when I come back it is gonna be keyed, or vandalized some how. So, here I am a grown woman of 43 taking orders from a punk ass kid in a Sponge Bob T.

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